Black Rice with Butternut Squash

In many countries, the UK included, rice is a common ingredient used on a daily basis. Most of the recipes include a bowl of white rice, but rice is not just white! Have you ever tried switching white rice with brown or black rice?

Unlike white rice, black rice has a nuttier taste, is richer in fiber and has a harder consistency.

Black rice has less starch than normal rice and therefore is not ideal for the preparation of a creamy risotto but it can be used to prepare delicious and unique mains or salads.

If you don’t know how to cook black rice or which recipes to prepare with black rice, below you will find a recipe for a delicious and healthy main.

First of all, preparing black rice doesn’t require special skills but just time. The cooking time for black rice is longer than regular rice. It usually takes 30/40 minutes to cook but it can be quicker if cooked in a pressure pot (15-20 minutes in this case).

Given its ‘hard’ consistency, I would suggest to accompany it with a creamy sauce. For example, I decided to make a generous portion of creamy butternut squash puree.

Black Rice with Butternut Squash


Yields1 Serving



Black Rice with Butternut Squash

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