Fresh Mung Beans Salad

Today I want to talk about Mung Beans. Have you ever tried them?

Looking around I’ve noticed that they are not very popular and realised that many people don’t even know what they are.

The mung beans are these little green beans which apart from having a good taste, are really good for our body!


Mung Beans are a high source of nutrients like manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, zinc and the essential B vitamins. They are also high in protein and fiber which make them ideal for those of you that follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.
If you have never tried them before, I would recommend to give them a try! They are very good for soups, curry or fresh salad.

Given the nice weather, I propose you a colourful and fresh mung bean salad which is ideal for a light summer lunch or just as a starter.


Yields1 Serving



Fresh Mung Beans Salad

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