Five Seed Oatcakes Recipe

Do you like oatcakes?

Have you ever thought about preparing them homemade?

If you were wondering how to prepare healthy homemade oatcakes, you are in the right place!

They are very easy to prepare and you can add any flavour you like.


Seeds & Sea Salt OatCakes

…and with grated Cheese


Why are Oatcakes good for us?

Oatcakes are a great substitute to usual industrial crackers and toasts.

Being rich in fiber they are perfect for those of you that don’t consume enough fruit and vegetables. When adding mixed seeds they became a great source of vitamins,¬†magnesium, antioxidants and minerals.

Moreover, if you prepare them homemade you can make them gluten-free, yeast-free and vegan, so adapt to your own dietary requirements.

They are perfect for dipping, for example with hummus, salsa, guacamole or even alone for a quick snack.



Yields1 Serving



Five Seed Oatcakes



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