Healthy Smoothie Bowls

As I’m a big fan of Smoothie Bowls, I’ve decided to make a post about them!

Have you ever tried a Smoothie Bowl?

If you have never had a one and are wondering “What is a Smoothie Bowl?”, “How can I prepare a Smoothie Bowl?” or “What’s the difference between a Smoothie and a Smoothie Bowl?”

Well, the answer is pretty easy. Smoothie bowls as the name say are smoothie that are eaten in a bowl. The main difference from a normal smoothie is the consistency, they are usually thicker so that you can eat them with a spoon, and they have toppings.

Toppings are the best part of a smoothie bowl! Apart from being so beautiful to see, the toppings are great to give the smoothie the extra flavor or crunchiness it needs. I love using fresh fruit, chopped nuts, seeds and cocoa nibbles but you can use whatever ingredient you want!

If you don’t know how to prepare one don’t worry. It’s very easy, you just need a few ingredients, mainly fruit or vegetables, and a blender.

Here a couple of smoothie bowl recipes for you to try or take inspiration from:

Pink Berries Smoothie Bowl

Spirulina Smoothie Bowl



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