Dairy-Free (and Guilt-Free) Dark Chocolate Crêpes

Did I tell you that I really like experimenting and creating new recipes? Well, today I woke up feeling like something sweet and given that I had a few eggs in the fridge to get rid of, I decided to prepare crepes!

But careful, these are not normal crepes! Normal crepes are made with milk, eggs, flour, butter, and in some cases water. These crepes as the title says are “Dairy-Free” and “Guilt-Free”!! In fact, they are lighter than usual crepes and are suitable for those of you that have a dairy allergy or simply don’t consume dairy products.

For the base, I only used 5 ingredients: eggs, flour, non-dairy milk, water and a pinch of salt.

For the dark chocolate spread, I used only 3: dark chocolate, coconut milk and maple syrup (but you can use the sweetener you prefer!)

If you don’t have a dark chocolate bar you can also use cocoa powder and if you wish you can add vanilla extract or any other aroma.

The recipe is very easy, but feel free to ask questions if you have any!




Yields1 Serving



Dairy-Free (and Guilt-Free) Dark Chocolate Crêpes

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