Orange & Polenta Cake

Hi all, did you have a nice Easter Sunday?

A great meal accompanied by chocolate eggs and delicious cakes?

In our house, chocolate eggs and bunnies were literally everywhere and to make the day more colourful and tasty I’ve prepared┬áthis Orange & Polenta Cake which has a rich orange flavour and it’s so soft and moist! A dream!

It’s completely dairy-free, so adapt for those of you that have a milk allergy or intolerance and it can easily be made gluten-free by substituting the wheat flour with ground almonds. The gluten-free┬áversion is softer and moister! I would say even nicer. If it weren’t for my boyfriend that has a nut allergy I would have prepared the almonds one (but I’m biased as I love nuts and would put them everywhere!!)




Yields1 Serving



Orange & Polenta Cake

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